“Respect,” Hell!

Lately, I have seen several admonishments by those in the Obama Campaign, and now, even from the McCain Campaign, that we should “respect” Obama.

Respecting Obama, in this context, means not mentioning his middle name (Hussein), not mentioning his unsavory, intimate and long-term associations with terrorists (Mr. & Mrs. Bill Ayers, etc.), communists (Frank Marshall Davis), racists (Jeremiah Wright) and others who not only do not respect, but are overtly hostile to the United States, American culture, and the preservation of human life. Indeed, this pressure to “respect” extends beyond the presidential campaign to every aspect of public discourse.

This brand of “respect” is so restrictive on free speech that complying with it restrains us from respecting ourselves and our core beliefs, if they happen to differ with those of the PC police.

How convenient for those who defend illegal immigration, the unfettered right to kill unborn children, to confiscate the property of some and give it to others, the entitlement of special protections based on race or sexual preference, etc., ad nauseum, that this “respect” amounts to prior restraint of speech against those whose beliefs do not coincide with theirs.

What of the admonition that originates with the McCain campaign? When this, ideologically-impotent side of McCain comes through, I remember the withering parody of Bob Dole that Dan Ackroyd did on Saturday Night Live around Halloween, during Dole’s ineffectual and pathetic presidential campaign. “Dole” did the whole bit from a propped-up coffin, in undertaker’s makeup. That image was a perfect capsule description of the Dole campaign’s level of energy and commitment to winning that election.

Like Dole, McCain is a career member of the US Senate, and like Dole, McCain’s once-sharp sense of what it is to put one’s life on the line for what is right has long ago been dulled into irrelevance by years of sterile debate and back-slapping collegiality with those “across the aisle,” to “get things done,” without regard to how at odds with the Constitution those “things” were.

Remember Dole’s commercials for Viagra? It’s to bad there is no such thing as an “ideological dysfunction” drug to stiffen one’s spine. McCain could use some, ASAP.

Unfortunately for grassroots conservatives, even this miracle drug would not transform McCain into a constitutional conservative Republican in the Reagan tradition.  It’s too late for that, and conservatives such as I are left with the unpalatable alternatives of writing in a third-party candidate who is a real, constitutional conservative, or, as Joseph Farah of World Net Daily suggests, voting for “None of the Above.”

Rebutting the claim that “not voting for McCain is like voting for Obama” is the subject of another article, but I am going to write in Alan Keyes if I can, with None of the Above as a fallback.


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