“Impeach Bush”? How Soon We Forget!

[Author’s Note: So, the big-shot Democrats want to impeach George Bush! Hey, I’m the last person to defend Bush, but if impeachment were ever deserved, Bill Clinton would have an entirely different place in history. I wrote this in August, 1998, at the height of the Clinton impeachment hearings.  Submitted for your consideration — a little historical perspective.]

The network news anchors were ecstatic. I was depressed. It was election night, 1991, and I was watching the beginning of the Clinton Presidency. It would be another Carter Administration, I suspected – scatterbrained, “Barney in a Blue Beret” foreign policy; self-righteous, sanctimonious, quasi-socialist domestic policy – in short, a conservative’s nightmare, with an Arkansas drawl, instead of a Georgia drawl.

I could not have been much more wrong. Bill Clinton’s bottomless, amoral appetites for power and sex made Jimmy Carter’s impotence before a crowd of Iranian thugs seem like a fond memory.  The news anchors are no longer ecstatic, but a small crowd of pathetic hangers-on still defends Bill Clinton. These sad people want us to overlook his bizarre “relationship” with a 21-year-old White House intern because it was “private.” Hmm. The president is president 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

He doesn’t punch a timeclock, because his responsibilities don’t wait for office hours. He lives in public housing, draws a government paycheck, and travels in government airplanes and limousines. He has some government employees around him constantly who are paid to step between him and a bullet, and others – very busy ones, these days — to step between him and a subpoena. So, tell me, how is a string of illicit sexual encounters in the Oval Office “private?”

Many private and public corporations have college interns. Suppose the chief executive officer of such a corporation carried on a sexual relationship with a young college intern, involving many meetings for sex in the CEO’s “private” office. Please, PLEASE, don’t ask me to believe that is “private” conduct, totally without overtones of sexual harassment and abuse of office. If the executive lies about that sexual relationship under oath in a civil suit, and lies about it again and again to his co-workers in private and to his stockholders in public, don’t ask me to dismiss that as “private” behavior.

Of course, the irony is that the sexual sleaze emanating from the White House is not the most important reason to be alarmed about the Clinton Administration. All of that pales compared to Bill Clinton’s enthusiastic support for selling military technology to the Communist Chinese, his  blatantly illegal use of thousands of confidential FBI files to dig for dirt on his political enemies, and his twin goals of stripping and plundering the military, while committing it to pointless overseas adventures under foreign command.

A complete list of his abuses and criminal behavior is simply too long to print here, but if any Congress in its right mind is looking for “high crimes and misdemeanors” on which to impeach this president, there are plenty of them. Pick ten or twenty of the most blatant, and get on with it.

Those who cannot bring themselves to admit how wrong they were to support Bill Clinton all this time get more strident and desperate with each passing day. They want us to forget their man promised us “the most ethical administration in history.”

They want us to believe tobacco money to finance a political campaign is evil, but that Chinese Communist money is OK.

They want us to believe it should be legal to kill an innocent child inches and seconds from birth, but that any political power grab is fine if it is in the name of “our nation’s children.”

They want us to believe that Kenneth Starr, an independent prosecutor appointed by Democrat Attorney General Janet Reno, is Satan Incarnate, because he is doing the job he was appointed to do.

Please, Congress, ignore this shrill, desperate, and dwindling crowd of Clinton defenders. Forget the network anchors and the pollsters, and do what’s right, for a change. Find your backbones, obey your oaths of office, and impeach this man.


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