Joe Wilson (R., SC) WAS RIGHT!

My submission to replace the "SOCAILIST" poster

For when the "SOCIALIST" poster's 15 minutes of fame ends, my submission...

A Republican in Congress accidentally discovered his spine  and spoke the self-evident truth, and will now, no doubt, pay the price for it.

Just after the Liar in Chief stated in an address to a rare joint session of Congress — with such confidence  that one would almost think he believed it — that government health insurance would not cover illegal aliens (as if he knew which one of the dozen, thousand-page bills before the House and Senate would be adopted), Rep. Joe Wilson, (R., SC) is supposed to have shouted, “You lie!” I think he could have said, “Liar!” Either way, I agree.

Some of you may remember J. C. Watts, US Representative from Oklahoma, who, in 1997, identified some prominent  race hustlers and poverty pimps as, “race hustlers and poverty pimps.” Although a more accurate description of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and  their ilk was never uttered, Watts suffered through scoldings from gutless Republicans everywhere, and wound up leaving Congress to get a real job.

He is only now reported as showing some interest in getting back into the ring. I wish he still had that grip on reality that caused him to utter the truth in 1997, but, he is a Republican, and this is politics we’re talking about.  I can only hope.

I assume that Joe Wilson (not to be confused with the clueless weasel Ambassador and darling of the New York Times) will suffer a similar fate. Too bad, but Republicans in Congress speaking the truth would probably be too much for the country to bear.

Meanwhile, in other news, the Obama administration is hurtling down the road toward transforming a constitutional republic into a fascist “democracy,” and the vast majority of spineless Republicans in Congress smile and go along.

What a bunch of useless eunuchs.


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  1. Kristel Whalley Says:

    Joe Wilson (R., SC) WAS RIGHT! | Center of Mass

    […]Polls suggest Donald Trump is falling short with college-educated whites.[…]

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