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Show Me Your Criminal’s License!

January 18, 2011

Would it have helped if he had a license?

It was inevitable.

Mindless, reflexive calls for the abridgment of the Second Amend rights of law-abiding Americans arise like dandelions in spring, right after a high-profile shooting. It’s time to get uncivil (that means, “honest”) and call these proposals what they are.

They are fraudulent, unconstitutional efforts to limit the possession of firearms to government-approved persons, and to disarm citizens. While most of these proposed laws will make it more difficult to own or carry a handgun legally, they will do nothing to limit the use of handguns in the commission of crimes. The gun-control fetishists  know this, and it doesn’t matter to them. Making the lawful possession of firearms by citizens impossible is exactly what they intend.

Here’s my counter-proposal to these useless measures.

Let’s license violent criminals. Any criminal must obtain a picture ID from the federal government that certifies he (or she, or “other” —  let’s be inclusive) is a government-licensed criminal.

Before committing any violent crime involving a firearm, the criminal must present a valid Criminal’s License to the intended victim. Failure to do so would subject the criminal (if caught, if prosecuted, and if convicted) to severe penalties, such as denial of all but basic cable service while in prison.

Skeptics will heap scorn on my proposal.

They will call it naive.

Why would a violent criminal go to the trouble to obtain a license to commit crimes, when he (or she, or “other,” of course) is completely capable of committing crimes without it? Why would a criminal intentionally incriminate himself (or herself) by applying to the government for a license to commit crimes?

Why would any criminal, even a complete idiot, tip his (or her) hand to his intended victim(s) by presenting his (or her)criminal credentials before his attack?

I submit that any criminal stupid enough to abide by burdensome gun laws is stupid enough to apply for a criminal’s license. Law-abiding people will not commit crimes, because they are — well — non-criminals.

A restriction on the Second Amendment has nothing to do with “fighting crime,” and everything to do with depriving non-criminals of the right of self-defense, which is neither granted by, nor can be revoked by, government.

What happens when the federal government decides to quit pussyfooting around, and makes any private citizen without government connections a criminal, simply because he or she owns a (formerly) legal firearm? Why, all the local law enforcement agency has to do is print out a list of gun owners, and send the SWAT team out to knock on your door.

If you don’t answer your door, and let the troops walk off with your firearms, they can kill you, put your spouse in prison, condemn your house and auction it off, and put your children in (“gun-free”) foster homes.

Why? Because you’re a criminal. And, an unlicensed criminal, to boot.

The panting opportunists and jackals who want to capitalize on the Arizona massacre to curtail our rights are contemptible.

They should be scorned and defeated at every opportunity.

Beneath Contempt — the Left-Wing Jackals Feed on Tragedy

January 12, 2011

Vulture waits for bad things to happen

They are like carrion-eaters feasting on the dead… like looters breaking windows and stealing TVs after a disaster… like jackals chasing down a weakened animal. The Left is driven by soulless opportunism, an endless capacity to lie in the face of the obvious, and a bottomless appetite for power.

They do it every time the window of opportunity opens. They did it after Oklahoma City. They did it after the Virginia Tech massacre. And they are doing it now, in the wake of the Arizona shooting. They are as predictable as the tides.

No matter that the Arizona shooter has a long record of erratic behavior, irrational and nonsensical public statements, and an explicit affinity for the socialist founding documents — Mein Kampf and The Communist Manifesto.

Loughner's Favorite Books on Youtube

Screen capture from Laughner's Facebook page -- favorite books.

The deaths and injuries in Tucson, to hear the left-wing jackals tell it, is the fault of “hate speech” from the right, including Sarah Palin and conservative talk radio.

If it were only pathetic and absurd, as in blaming the blizzards and record-breaking cold of this winter in the Northern Hemisphere on “global warming,” that would be bad enough. But, for the jackals on the Left to blame violence perpetrated by the insane and evil among us on their political opponents is beneath contempt. There is no other way to describe it.

May God take home and welcome the souls of the dead in Tucson.

May He grant peace to those they leave behind.

May He heal in body, mind and spirit the injured.