Beneath Contempt — the Left-Wing Jackals Feed on Tragedy

Vulture waits for bad things to happen

They are like carrion-eaters feasting on the dead… like looters breaking windows and stealing TVs after a disaster… like jackals chasing down a weakened animal. The Left is driven by soulless opportunism, an endless capacity to lie in the face of the obvious, and a bottomless appetite for power.

They do it every time the window of opportunity opens. They did it after Oklahoma City. They did it after the Virginia Tech massacre. And they are doing it now, in the wake of the Arizona shooting. They are as predictable as the tides.

No matter that the Arizona shooter has a long record of erratic behavior, irrational and nonsensical public statements, and an explicit affinity for the socialist founding documents — Mein Kampf and The Communist Manifesto.

Loughner's Favorite Books on Youtube

Screen capture from Laughner's Facebook page -- favorite books.

The deaths and injuries in Tucson, to hear the left-wing jackals tell it, is the fault of “hate speech” from the right, including Sarah Palin and conservative talk radio.

If it were only pathetic and absurd, as in blaming the blizzards and record-breaking cold of this winter in the Northern Hemisphere on “global warming,” that would be bad enough. But, for the jackals on the Left to blame violence perpetrated by the insane and evil among us on their political opponents is beneath contempt. There is no other way to describe it.

May God take home and welcome the souls of the dead in Tucson.

May He grant peace to those they leave behind.

May He heal in body, mind and spirit the injured.


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