A Jury of Peers; A Jury of Idiots


Rest in Peace, Caylee Anthony

Why do “juries of our peers” render idiotic verdicts? Because they are our peers.

Is anyone surprised that a jury of Casey Anthony’s peers acquitted her of murder? 

I confess, I didn’t follow the case. There were approximately 16,272 murders reported in the USA in 2008

I would like to know what caused the media (especially CNN, apparently), to focus on this particular tragedy. However, the explanation for this obsessive focus is a topic for another day. What matters to me is the flash of outrage I’ve seen on the Web against the verdict.

Really, why is anyone surprised? Why was anyone surprised that O. J. Simpson was acquitted of the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman?

Did any of us honestly expect that the quality of juries would have improved since then? Why? Have our peers gotten smarter over the last sixteen years? Hardly.

The dismal and deliberate failure of the public education monopoly was bound to result in the failure of any system that relies on the integrity, discernment and decency of the individual, for that system to function properly.

We saw in ’08 what it did to the electoral system, and now, not for the first time, we are seeing the toxic effect of institutionalized ignorance on the principle of “a jury of one’s peers.” This failure is nothing but more evidence of the success of Cultural Marxism.

How did the “public education monopoly” get so bad, despite the billions of local, state and federal tax dollars that have been spent on it? Because it was meant to fail. Cultural Marxism has as its goal the destruction of American society, so the former United States of America can be turned into a socialist utopia, and, eventually, into a communist dictatorship. This goal outlasted the Soviet Union, showing us how patient and dedicated the Cultural Marxists are.

One of the pillars of the Cultural Marxists’ plan, along with co-opting religion, the family, feminism, the arts and the media, is the dumbing-down of Americans. By removing the study of substantive subjects from the curriculum, and substituting political indoctrination, aggressive sexualization, and discrediting parental authority, Cultural Marxists, working through university teacher certification programs and teacher unions, have been largely successful.

A jury of one’s peers, these days, includes a lot of people who never were taught the classic “Three Rs,” or rigorous analytical thought. In other words, they were deprived of the ability to reason and reach conclusions based on facts they could find on their own.

Why? Because, as Forrest Gump was wont to say, “stupid is as stupid does,” and stupid people are more easily manipulated than skeptical thinkers who are capable of finding out the truth on their own. In other words, they are reliant on government and media to understand and deal with their world. In other words, they are ready-made Democrat voters and government dependents.

When you randomly select twelve of these products of public education to serve on a jury, you are likely to get people who can’t think for themselves, and will believe whatever emotional manipulation, lies and half-truths they heard last, most often, and loudest.

You are likely to get the OJ and Anthony verdicts. You are likely to get a majority of voters who are persuaded to support “Hope and Change,” because the words are nice, and because they mean whatever voters want them to mean. You are likely to get big audiences for “reality” television and sensational criminal trials. You are not likely to get people who will turn off their televisions and ask their children, “You learned WHAT in school today?!

Rest in peace, Caylee Anthony.

Nay, indeed, if you had your eyes, you might fail of
the knowing me: it is a wise father that knows his
own child. Well, old man, I will tell you news of
your son: give me your blessing: truth will come
to light; murder cannot be hid long; a man’s son
may, but at the length truth will out.

William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice, Act 2, Scene II


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7 Responses to “A Jury of Peers; A Jury of Idiots”

  1. wth Says:

    It is not the amount of murders for 2008. It is more about the missing. In 2008 Caylee was the only missing person that took 31 days to report. Even homeless people were reported missing but not Caylee. Pretty sad Casey just picked up the pieces and moved the f*** on.

    ABSOLUTELY that jury was made up of Casey’s peers. Idiots. A few drop outs just like Casey. If and when Casey decides to have another baby I expect the same thing to happen. 😦

  2. Hilde Says:

    The above Saying by William Shakespeare is very wise and oh so true!
    The Anthony Case might be out of our Hands now thanks to the
    Jury of Casey’s Peers.
    My Opinion is any System is only as good as the People following it.
    In this Case the Jury did not do Justice to our Criminal Justice System. It was not the System failed, it’s the People failing the System.
    We need to respect the Jury’s Decision that’s what we are told, well
    I for One believe Respect is earned and in this Case, the Jury didn’t
    earn my Respect by letting a Murderer of a little innocent Child walk free.
    There was plenty Evidence presented, the State did noutstanding Job.
    The Jury didn’t take the time to put the Dots together, instead All they remembered was the Story which Baez told them, which by the Way was a last desperate Effort to establish reasonable Doubt by smearing George Anthony as much as the could. Their Story was not based on Facts, Evidence or Truth but yet the Jury somehow must have believed it! How sad is that.
    The System works, in this Case 12 People failed the System with an unjust Verdict, how sad.
    Shame on All the People who were responsible for this Injustice for Caylee to let happen.
    Precious Caylee Marie RIP
    hopefully Caylee didn’t see what played out in the Courts.

  3. bbb046 Says:

    The PT did not prove where Caylee died,How Caylee died,When Caylee died and Why Caylee died and Who killed her. They came up with senerios and their edviance was disputed and proven to be a wash. the duck tape was not over her mouth it was in her hair. there was no heart shaped sticker on her mouth it was found 40 feet from her body on a piece of cardboard . They proved no dead body in the car and the chloraform could not be proven where it was made and stored and if Casey infact even used it. The one strand of hair was a joke. The media made millions off this trail and Caylees death and still trying now with the jury. what did you want the jury to do if the edviance is not there and there is reasonable doubt? I thank god they were smart enough to know the differance between reasonable doubt and lets find her guilty just because the media said she is guilty because of all the edviance they fabricated and lead the public to believe it.to be the truth. The armchair detectives spewed their vemon for 3 yrs and found her guilty 3yrs ago. This whole mess is just that.Im still confussed at how this innocent child died because I still dont know anymore than I did 3 yrs when it happened and I dont think anyone else does either.So to spew vemon at the jury is just wrong.

  4. Conservative Says:

    Agreed! Have you seen the movie Idiocracy? Funny that Hollywood actually made a movie that accurately portrays what’s happening to our society!

    • Tom Cox Says:

      I’ll have to look that one up. It also makes me think of that old science fiction short story — by C. M. Cornbluth, if I remember right — “The Marching Morons.”

  5. http://www.texasbestdefense.co... Says:

    Fabulous. I agree.

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