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The RNC Is Begging, Again

July 29, 2014

Yes, I have received yet another email from the RNC, begging for money. The tone of this one is a little desperate, suggesting I may have “abandoned the Republican Party.” I decided to reply via this neglected blog, with my responses interspersed in red italics. Enjoy!


Dear Friend,

Did you abandon the Republican Party?

To paraphrase another Republican, “I didn’t abandon the Republican Party. The Republican Party abandoned me.”

Chairman Priebus has written to you already this year asking you to contribute to the RNC and renew your membership. But we haven’t received your financial support yet this year.

He didn’t receive it, because I didn’t send it. The GOP only cares about conservatives and the Constitution when it wants our money and our shoe leather to get them re-elected – again. The rest of the time, we are an embarrassment and a burden.

Your past support has shown us that you believe in the Republican Party and the conservative principles we stand for. That’s why we still believe you haven’t given up on the Republican Party yet.

I haven’t given the GOP a dime in over a decade. I HAVE contributed and campaigned for individual candidates I believed in.

So we are giving you one more chance to renew your membership with the Republican National Committee.

Thanks for one more chance to tell you all to go to hell, so I can get on with my vetting of individual candidates, versus the candidates selected by the Party Elite, who are, more often or not, no better than democrats in their actions.

Right now you are handing the advantage over to Democrats. That’s exactly what President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid want you to do. With committed Republicans like you sitting out in 2014, the Democrats are able to continue their liberal rampage on conservative principles.

There was a time when I believed this pack of lies – that the only choices were the handpicked hacks from the GOP geritocracy, or hand the country over to the Democrats. No longer. As I said, any money I have to spare will go to candidates who respect the Constitution, not to Big Business surrogates and RINOs.

2014 is our last chance to step in, step up, and take back the Senate to regain Republican control in Washington. Don’t turn your back on the Republican Party now.

I don’t intend to give the US Senate to a bunch of Democrats masquerading as Republicans. I don’t WANT “Republican control of the Senate.” I want CONSTITUTIONAL control of the Senate.

Renew your membership with the Republican National Committee now and support our fight to defeat liberal Democrats.

Ain’t happenin’, Scooter. Buzz off.


Tony Parker

RNC Treasurer