About Center of Mass

Tom Cox is a recovering Hoosier who retired from IT administration with his spouse to rural, Middle Tennessee. He believes that his continuing survival is proof not only of the existence of a loving and forgiving God, but that He also has a sense of humor.

He is a Constitutional curmudgeon, and would be a conservative if conservatism weren’t such a rear-guard, defensive strategy as to be pointless, when we have so little left of what was good about our country to conserve. He believes the United States Constitution is the operating manual by which his country should be run, and not the Communist Manifesto.

He also writes for a couple of amateur radio magazines (like antenneX, http://www.antennex.com) when he is not tinkering with technology or taking care of the rural Tennessee property.

A BA in Spanish and Portuguese (Indiana University, Bloomington, 1971), a certificate in Respiratory Therapy technology (California College for Health Sciences) , and two, aborted attempts at masters degrees (one in Linguistics from IU, and the other from the Center for Information and Communication Sciences of Ball State University, have all had mostly random effects on the author’s world view and thought processes.  He has been a Radio Amateur since 1982, and currently holds an Advanced Class license.

3 Responses to “About Center of Mass”

  1. Mark W. Palmer Says:

    Mr. Cox,

    I only just now went back and saw your comment on Amazon in response to my review of “One Second After”. Thanks for chipping in. Interestingly, I just became licensed in the Amateur service this year (Tech in April, General in June). It seemed like the logical next step in regards to preparedness.

    If you wish to contact me, you may do so via email (in the header) or via snail from the ULS database or QRZ.

    • Tom Cox Says:

      Thanks, and welcome to the hobby. I need to get off my lazy lightning ground and get some more antennas up. I’m currently in a sort of inactive phase of the hobby, and hoping to break out of it when it cools off around here, again.

      When you have a moment, look over the http://www.antennex.com online magazine site. There are a few of my articles there you can see for free, and plenty of other good stuff. A subscription is modestly priced, and well worth the investment, if you are at all interested in antennas.

  2. Leigh Fellner Says:

    PLEASE start blogging again! I just found you, and love the way you think and write.

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