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Hey, Stupid Party! Anybody Home, in There?

March 30, 2011

“Give us money, so we can re-elect spineless leaders to ignore you until next election.”

I just got an email from the RNC, begging for money, again. I get them all the time, but, as I sometimes do, I will respond to this one in an “open letter” format.

The immediate trigger for this open letter was reading the following paragraph:

Nothing would make The New York Times, The Washington Post or The Huffington Post happier than printing articles in April that the Republican Party is finished because the RNC’s Federal Election Commission first quarter report showed us lagging behind in donations from our nationwide network of conservative grassroots supporters.

Herein we find one of the stupidest things the Stupid Party believes: That we should give a damn what The New York Times, The Washington Post or The Huffington Post thinks.

A pathetic and pointless desire for approval from these left-leaning media hacks is one of the most glaring weaknesses of the Stupid Party “leadership.” This “leadership” has brought us to this precipice, over which is a socialist autocracy in which the Constitution is an irrelevant, historical curiosity.

If the “leadership” had rejected the $105 Billion land mine in the continuing resolution that funds the implementation of the obscenity known as Obamacare; if it had rejected the taxpayer subsidy for killing unborn children to be handed to Planned Parenthood; if it had rejected taxpayer funding of the government’s left-wing propaganda organ, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, there might be a whisper of a chance I would give the RNC a dime.

Of course, none of that happened. The “leadership” in the House won’t even come down firmly in favor of not raising the debt limit – let alone on introducing the kinds of spending cuts that would really make a difference in the long run, and that would signal to American taxpayers and the world that there is any seriousness about getting us out of debtor-nation slavery.

What sorts of cuts am I talking about? How about defunding Obamacare, the Department of Education, the EPA’s “cap and trade” scam, the FCC’s initiative to regulate the Internet and shut down talk radio, all foreign aid to countries that routinely fund terrorism and discriminate against Christians, and – yes, I’m saying it – the Cowboy Poetry Festival. That is just a tiny percentage of the wasteful and self-destructive government activity we can do without.

Individual Republican candidates may see some small change from me, if there is any left over after buying gas and inflated groceries, but RNC, don’t hold your breath.

If you care so much about what The New York Times, The Washington Post or The Huffington Post think, ask them for money.


October 23, 2010


No More NPR

Like the punchline to that classic lawyer joke, it would be a good start — but only that.

Coming on the heels of the dismissal of commentator Juan Williams from National Public Radio (NPR), is an initiative by some Republican legislators to defund NPR. Can they do that? Yes, they can! Will they? Probably not, but anything’s possible, if there’s enough backbone to get it done. Big if.

The Constitution (Article I, Section 7) explicitly ascribes the power to spend money to the House of Representatives. Of course, that has been the case since the Constitution was ratified, in 1787, but even in the most Republican-dominated years after the “Republican Revolution” of 1994, the House has never had the backbone to pull funding from NPR, the National Endowment for the Arts (remember “Piss Christ”?), the Department of Education (“No Child Left Behind,” and countless other, anti-education outrages), or the Environmental Protection Agency (killing California farms to save bait fish, etc., ad nauseam)…

Add your favorite, destructive federal entity in need of a funding diet, and the House didn’t defund it either. If the GOP wins big on November 2nd, will they actually go at starving these destructive federal parasites? Sad to say, I’ll have to see it to believe it, and even then… will they keep it up when their “leadership” tells them to sit down and shut up?

Here’s hoping that the Tea Party movement and organizations like keep the pressure on the congressional “Class of 2010” to starve these grasping, destructive parasites into obscurity, until they can be abolished altogether. Let’s hope socialized health care is already on the endangered species, list by then.

Then, maybe after we peel off another layer of calcified RINOs and socialist hacks (including their Dear Leader) in 2012, they can go after some of the “enemies within” that infest our State Department and Pentagon bureaucracies, making a career of destroying our country from their entrenched, unelected positions of power.

Now, that really would be a good start.

Weak Tea — The Pledge to America

September 24, 2010

I have just waded through the Pledge to America, as it appears at the Human Events Website (watermarked as a DRAFT)

It is 21 pages long in PDF format. I copied and pasted the text into my ancient version of Microsoft Word, and found the following when I clicked on “Properties”:

"Pledge" stats, according to MS Word

"Pledge" stats, according to MS Word

Twenty-six pages; 214 paragraphs; 7854 words… why does it have to be so big? If I may use a bit of a Tea Party metaphor, it reads like weak tea. I’m not happy to make this assessment, because a Congressman I respect immensely, Mike Pence, stood in front of a hardware store and spoke for the group in the introduction of the Pledge.

Brief disclosure: I know Mike Pence from his talk show days, when I was a frequent caller, and even got an autographed caricature of Mike, endorsed with the description, “Favorite caller to the Mike Pence Show.” Once, I even made a nervous, inept, in-studio guest appearance on his show, concerning the loss of a loved one to a drunk driver. He bought my lunch afterward, and we had a good conversation.

I have disagreed with Mike on specific issues since he first went to Congress, but I still believe he is, as he described himself described himself on his radio show, a “Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.” He is a consummate gentleman, besides all that, and I will bet his colleagues, supporters and opponents, have found him to be so. End of Disclosure

Now, it’s time to get to the point. Why did it take so many pages to say what needs to be said? One paragraph from the introduction to the document said 99% of what needed to be said on the subject:

“We pledge to honor the Constitution as constructed by its framers and honor the original intent of those precepts that have been consistently ignored – particularly the Tenth Amendment, which grants that all powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

Wow, what an eloquent, unqualified, statement – solid and substantial as granite; as sufficient and self-sustaining as anything to come out of the mouths of Republicans in decades.

Any details that followed that statement of principle could have been specific goals for its implementation. I suggest the following:

We resolve to stop and reverse, with every means available to us, the measures of the federal government that violate this principle. We will speak and vote at every opportunity, to repeal laws that violate the Constitution, and we will vote and speak against any and all new legislation that violates the Constitution.

In addition to abolition and repeal, we will also speak for and vote to remove current funding and to oppose new funding for the acts and agencies of the federal government that violate the Constitution.

Because federal judicial fiat has been used so often to thwart or ignore the Constitution, we will offer and aggressively pursue articles of impeachment against any federal judge who advances such anti-Constitutional measures or decisions.

We offer these promises in the full knowledge that embedded special interests and the vast inertia of the expanding juggernaut of federal authority will oppose us at every turn.

We understand that we may fall out of favor with the media, the powerful, bureaucratic establishment and the entrenched, political leadership on all sides in Washington and in the states.

We have no fear of their disapproval, because they are wrong, and they have done their part to make the federal government so large and grasping over the last decades.

We trust in our Creator to stand with us to defend the inalienable rights He granted our ancestors and our posterity.

We trust in the citizens of the United States of America to support us as long as we abide by the Constitution, and to send us home if we break these pledges.

Ten sentences.

Nine paragraphs.

That’s all I really need to see in a statement of purpose.

The arithmetic, the legislative agenda, the economic and employment statistics, the alphabet soup of federal agencies… all of that is important, but it is subordinate to the principles. It does not belong in this document.

Mike – ahem, Congressman Pence – please appeal to your colleagues to distill and reduce the pledge to these essentials, and to make it clear that the details that follow will adhere to these principles.

If the Republicans are to have a future in this country; if, indeed, the legislative branch is not to become an irrelevant, impotent venue for meaningless Kabuki theater, like the Supreme Soviet of old, while the courts, the White House and the bureaucrats complete the destruction of this Constitutional Republic, this pledge and your adherence to it, is our only hope short of armed revolution.